Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This is my first attempt to blog via Diigo.  I love using diigo to annotate and save webpages and wanted to try this new feature of a page that incidentally I found by Stumbling.

Harry Maugans » How to Create an Animated, Sliding, Collapsible DIV with Javascript and CSS(-)  Annotated

tags: design, javascript, web

  • This is a good implementation of invisible divs.

     - post by glennlibrary

So, expanding on the last tutorial, I’ve coded a small Javascript library that will allow that functionality. It’s not meant to be a mootools or a script.aculo.us replacement… those are far more advanced libraries. This is just a simple, quick bit of code you can apply to your websites to improve the user experience a bit.

posted by Paige Lucas-Stannard at 5:51 AM | 1 comments
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