Wednesday, December 5, 2007
One of my favorite search engines, Clusty, has a terrific feature that lets you embed a real-time, search query tag cloud into any website. Like this one below for Nanotechnology:

Loading Clusty Cloud ...

This is a wonderful way to display search results on a subject oriented page. If you apply your librarian mind to it you can create one that is really useful and time saving for patrons:

How about taking out all the noisy information about the iPod nano, and limiting it to "space applications" (instead of say, biomedical applications) and only info from

Loading Clusty Cloud ...

Now you have created a sophisticated search that yields specific results and saves your patrons time. Since tag clouds use size as a frequency indicator, clicking on the largest word, communication (remember this is real-time so that may not be the largest word at reading time) yields 86 succinct results. Now type nanotechnology and communications into Google...see?

I think this would be a great addition to a subject guide created in LibGuides. I will be working on how to include the cloud and have the resulting page load inside the LibGuide. Cross your fingers.

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