Wednesday, January 2, 2008
Slowly but surely we are beginning to use LibGuides. I have played with some of the fantastic advanced feature (you can do almost anything with the rich text editor) but my Library's first official foray will come later this month with the publication of our first eNewsletter.

Surf the Web Smarter(tm) was originally a hands-on class I taught and sometimes adapted for presentation. (This is my Googlpages outline of the presentation). The name was catchy and the class was a huge success. I know that a "library newsletter" would be seen as another link to overlook - self-serving marketing - to the jaded researcher (I say that with love). So, steal the name of a succesful class, throw in some juicy web surfing tid-bits and THEN start in on the shameless self advertising.

Surf the Web Smarter: 10 Tips for Surfing Google Smarter includes the earliest intro to Google as well as our reported top journals, new books (from LibraryThing) and other goodies.

I realize that posting this here blows my anonymity. It goes without saying, well no it doesn't since I'm going to say it - the views expressed in this blog are solely mine and in now way show endorsement or reflection on the institution for which I work. :)

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